The love of your dog is one of the purest things you’ll ever receive. They are kind, loyal, and will give you endless affection all the time. One such dog is the Boston terrier. This small dog loves to be in the company of all people, regardless of their age. 

Boston terriers are a favorite breed in the United States. They are lovable and energetic. Any attention they receive from their human companions is very welcome, and they reciprocate tenfold. Boston terriers love to cuddle. 

Fondly known as “The American Gentleman”, the Boston terrier has a remarkable history.


Just as the dog’s name suggests, its origin is Boston, Massachusetts. The American territory loved this dog enough to make it their state dog. The Boston University’s official mascot is the Boston terrier. 

The terrier is a cross between the English bulldog and the white English terrier. Various generations later, the present-day Boston terrier was born. The dog was initially bred for fighting, but today they are lovers and not fighters.

Physical Characteristics

According to The American Kennel Club, Boston terriers are reasonable little dogs weighing less than 25 pounds. They have a short tail and are compact. They have a square head, short muzzle, lovely, large, and round eyes shining with mischief, curiosity, or kindness.


A mature Boston terrier can measure up to 12- 17 inches tall at the shoulder. Boston terrier’s weight classes are in three categories: 

– below 15 pounds (6.5kgs)

– 15-20 pounds (6.5 – 9kgs),  and 

– 20-25  pounds (9 – 12kgs) 

Character & abilities

Boston terriers are easy-going and calm. They come to life when it’s time to play. These terriers only get excited when a stranger approaches. They might bark at the strange but generally are not nuisance barkers. Incredibly intelligent, this breed is good at dog sports like flyball, agility and obedience courses. 

The Boston terrier has an affectionate nature. This breed is the perfect companion animal. Easy to train and handle in public spaces, this terrier has been known to make an excellent therapy dog. One such terrier called Star helped her handler Alex, who has a neurological disorder, to enjoy a visit to the magical Disneyland safely. 


Trainability & Intelligence

Because of their intelligence and contagious enthusiasm, they are effortless to train. Boston terriers’ sensitivity and dire love for their owners’ positive response make them respond to training with ease. 

Boston terriers have been known to be stubborn at times. Training needs to work around this strong personality trait. They adore the physical and mental stimulation that obedience training offers. 

This dog breed makes excellent watchdogs and will alert everyone when an intruder approaches. Boston terriers are naturally protective of their owners. With a keen sense of hearing, they are always aware of their surroundings. 

Exercise Needs & Nutrition

Because of their playful nature, Boston terriers do not require a lot of physical exercise. A brisk walk around the block for 15-30 minutes is enough. 

Boston terriers are indoor dogs. Check out the weather before taking them for these walks as their thin coats and facial structure make them vulnerable in the cold and can overheat when the sun is hot. A dog coat for your terrier may be necessary for the winter. 


Boston terriers have a smooth, elegant coat that appears in three colors: black, brindle and white complete with a white muzzle, face blaze, and chest granting them the look of someone wearing a smart tuxedo.

It’s easy to maintain the Boston terrier’s coat. The short fur requires minimal care. Brushing once a week with a brush will keep their hair clean and reduce any shedding. 

Nail care involves trimming their nails once or twice a month and brush their teeth twice a day to prevent tartar and bacteria buildup. Use a clean cloth to wash their faces due to the sensitivity of their eyes. 

Living Conditions & Adaptability

Boston terriers require a safe yard to explore and run around. Though the yard will help them stay away from trouble, they do not do well confined in a dog run or crate. It gets worse if there are several dogs with them in the yard. Leaving this dog alone in the house for prolonged periods may lead to separation anxiety. 

These dogs love to sleep. Boston terriers can sleep 12 to 14 hours a day, depending on their age. Young and elderly terriers will sleep more. The best beds for these little pups should be big, soft and fluffy.


Their eyes can be troublesome. Their protrusion inclines them to injury, which can be hard to heal. They can develop cataracts and the likelihood of glaucoma. They can also suffer from “cherry eye.” Fortunately, these conditions are manageable through surgery or medication.  

Boston terriers have a small stature. They are known to snore very loudly while sleeping because of their short muzzle. They also can be gassy, even with a healthy diet. The broad shape of their heads makes them complicated to breed.

Some Boston terriers have food allergies and require grain-free dog food. Adopting this diet prevents their skin from drying out and becoming inflamed. 

Their average life expectancy is 11-13 years, but some can live up to 15 years.

Boston terriers are not regarded as hypoallergenic because they have hair, and they shed, though in minimal amounts. When small dog breeds shed hair and spread dander, this is the primary cause of canine allergies to people.


Here at All The Small Dog Breeds, we are passionate about the Boston terrier. The dog is arguably one of the best of small dog breeds. The Boston terrier is a faithful and cheerful companion who gets along well with kids and other pets, including cats, especially if you bring them up together. 

Your Boston terrier will always be devoted to you, and you can never doubt the dog’s loyalty to you. Your dog will teach you to handle life’s big and small obstacles. This little dog can help you focus and enjoy the small victories that each day brings. The Boston terrier’s absolute trust and innocence will help you overcome life’s daily challenges. 

Are you looking to adopt a Boston terrier? We suggest visiting a registered breeder or your local animal shelter. 


2.5 stars - All The Small Dog Breeds


2.5 stars - All The Small Dog Breeds

Energy Level

2.5 stars - All The Small Dog Breeds


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Good with kids

5 stars - All The Small Dog Breeds


5 stars - All The Small Dog Breeds

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