Every year, the American Kennel Club compiles a list of the 55 most popular breeds of dogs according to the data from all of the breed clubs, registrations etc. Its an exciting announcement, and here at All the Small Dog Breeds, we like to publish our own version of this list with the most popular small dog breeds from the overall list. Knowing a breeds popularity is useful, especially if you are looking for a breeder, or wanting to join a club. It can be harder to find details of the more obscure breeds or less popular breeds. The characteristics and reasons that these small dog breeds have made our top 10 vary greatly, some of them may be easy to train, some might shed almost no hair or are well suited to family life.

Please be aware that the most popular small dogs in the United States may be different from popular small dogs in other countries. Also, always keep in mind that it is not because a small dog is on this list that it will necessarily fit your needs or your lifestyle. Choose your small dog carefully, they will be with you for a long time!

The Beagle has yet again topped the list of the small dog breeds coming in at number 5 . They are a small dog with medium energy, and are intelligent, curious, and very scent-driven. Their hunting background is very strong, as they are still used of hunting rabbits and hares.


The French Bulldog is another close favourite, coming in at number 6. The Frenchy is a stocky short playful dog, with the distinctive bat ears so characteristic of the breed. With their relaxed, easy-going nature, and curious intelligent faces, its not hard to see why they are so high on our list yet again.


Coming in at overall number 7, is the Yorkshire Terrier. With their long coat, and affectionate, tomboyish nature, the Yorkie, as they are affectionately known, continue to be a favourite pet. These loveable dogs have been a favourite since the Victorian era when they were a very fashionable accessory.


The Poodle will always (we hope) have a place on this list, and this year it comes in at at position number 8 overall. The Poodle, which comes in three denominations, – Standard, Miniature and Toy, are all the same breed. They are highly intelligent, proud, and active dogs, and with their hypoallergenic coat, they are the favourite of many families. Their long coat can be clipped, and does require regular grooming.


The Dachshund Рaka, the Sausage Dog. This Sassy  little dog has claimed its spot on the favourites list, coming in at number 13. This curious, friendly, and distinctive looking dog will continue to win hearts. The varieties of smooth, wiry, or long hair are all of the same breed, that was developed in Germany over 300 years ago to hunt badgers РDachs = Badger, Hund = Dog.


The Miniature Schnauzer is gaining popularity, moving up positions to number 16 overall. As part of the Terrier family, they are smart, loyal and obedient, and the mini Schnauzer is the favourite of the three denominations. They are an active dog, and need mental and physical stimulation, but being adaptable, they are happy wherever their family is.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is a quiet, gentle and affectionate breed, that holds itself with grace. They are a beloved family dog as they are so well natured and great with children and dogs. They have held their position on the favourites list at number 18.


The Shih-tzu is a favourite companion dog, and remains on the list at number 19. They are an intelligent breed, with a playful nature, and great loyalty and trustingness. They have been referenced through history as far back as AD 624 in the Chinese dynasties.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has positioned itself as a favourite in spot number 20. This loveable small dog is affectionate, smart and alert, and is the favourite of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. They are a strong and active dog, with a gentle, banner manner, never pushy, or shy, and they are happiest when they have a purpose or a job.


The Pomeranian is last on our list, but by no means least, coming in at spot number 21. This lively and inquisitive small dog is highly intelligent and has a big personality. They love to please and will respond well to training and activity. Being of nordic descent, they have thick fluffy distinctive coat that will require regular grooming.


This completes out our list of the most popular small dog breeds of 2021 in America. You can see the full listing over at the American Kennel Club  They do a fantastic job each year in compiling this listing for us, and are a great resource.